10 Reasons To Pack Your Damn Bags And Go To Switzerland Right This Second

1.Explore the Swiss Alps.


2.Eat some incredibly delicious Swiss fondue.

Melted, ooey goey cheese + endless tiny hunks of warm, soft bread — WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT. There's just something about eating an entire bowl full of melted cheese outside on a porch while staring straight up at the Alps that will change your life.

3.Take a boat ride on a stunning lake.

4.Go paragliding through the Alps.

5.Experience the Thrill Walk at Birg.

6.Reach the summit of Shilthorn and walk around Piz Gloria.

7.Hop on a scenic panoramic view train.

8.Experience a variety of different cultures and cuisines.

9.And extremely importantly, eat your weight in Swiss chocolate.

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 10. and then race your friends down on mountain carts.

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