10 Things Americans Say That Seriously Confuse The Rest Of The World

1.That fanny is another way to say butt or bum.

Where I come from it's another word for vagina. Fun fact: We also call fanny packs, bum bags. 

2.That you call fuel “gas” even though it’s definitely a liquid and not a gas.


3.That you use the word restroom as well as bathroom.

This is a minor one, but I've definitely got some ~looks~ when asking where the toilet is in restaurants. 

4.That to you, these are biscuits.

 To me, biscuits are your cookies! 

5.And that you can refer to a whole pizza as a pie.

We only call pies, pies. 

6.That this divisive herb is called cilantro.

That, my friend, is coriander in my eyes. 

7.That this is a truck, not a ute.


8.That these things are called trash cans.

Even after three months living in the US the one thing I can't stop saying is "bin." 

9.And that if you order a lemonade, you WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT get a Sprite.

I have been burned so many times. 

10.That you call this jelly instead of jam.

I would call out your love for PB&J but I won't because I know Vegemite is probably equally as confusing.

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