15 Fat-Burning Foods to Fire Up Your Weight Loss

We don’t always have to cut out whole groups of foods or eat less in order to lose weight. On the contrary, we need to eat enough to give our body the fuel and much-needed calories and nutrients so it can take care of itself. Eating healthy is more than just not eating junk food. Eating healthy means eating the right foods for us that are nutritious and boost our metabolism, thus speeding up our weight loss process!

OMGNEXT always says YES to a healthy lifestyle and self-improvement, and that’s exactly why we want to introduce you to 15 foods that will help you lose weight faster!

15. Mustard For Fat Burning

15 Fat-Burning Foods to Fire Up Your Weight Loss

 A lot of people may not know this, but mustard is actually one of the healthiest condiments. There is no added sugar in it and it’s rich in antioxidants. And turmeric, which is an ingredient in mustard, is a powerful cancer- and Alzheimer-fighting agent.

But let’s talk about mustard’s role in weight loss. According to Penn State University, spicy foods increase your metabolism for 30 minutes after consumption. Specifically, spicy mustard can do this and you can find it pretty much everywhere.


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