7 Mind-Blowing Winter Car Care Tricks That Will Save You a Great Deal of Time and Trouble


Winter is generally a sad time of year for drivers, as cold months often uncover the biggest motoring concerns. Changing the tires, cleaning snow and ice off the car in the morning, defogging the windshield and windows — this is hardly a complete list of challenges that winter driving can present.

We at OMGNEXT have put together 7 simple winter car care tips and tricks that will help you get your car ready for the cold snowy weather and hope you have good car insurance quotes.

7. Icy car windows

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How to solve the problem: Mix vinegar with water (use a 3:1 ratio), and spray this solution onto icy windows to clear them.

How to prevent: If you find your car’s windows already frozen, there is one simple way to de-ice them quickly. In a spray bottle, mix the following ingredients: 20 fl oz of rubbing alcohol, 6.7 fl oz of water, and 1 drop of dish detergent. Spray the mixture onto icy windows, and the ice will melt away.


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