7 Things Dermatologists Would Never Put On Their Skin

7. Exfoliating Scrubs

Any products that contain microbeads, which have been banned in the United States since 2015, or any scrubbing particles are “an absolute no-no” for Nazarian. Chwalek, too, said she doesn’t use any harsh scrubs.

“That’s because physically or mechanically exfoliating the skin is really bad for your skin,” she said. “I like the [products] that gently chemically exfoliate, like glycolic, or something that will gently break down dead skin as opposed to a mechanical, physical scrubbing of the dead skin off, which nobody needs to do.”

She also said she’s not a fan of scrubbing brushes like the Clarisonic, and if she had her way, nobody would use them.

Jaber, too, avoids exfoliating scrubs in favor of other products and saving time.

“I never use any exfoliating scrubs,” he said. “I use a retinoid at night, and I think it’s a natural exfoliant. So, I could use a [scrub], but I just try to keep my life simple. I’m busy, so I try to focus on what’s important. They can be somewhat drying for my skin.”

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