7 Women’s Tips for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

Summer is in full swing. You’re planning a vacation and trying on a swimsuit, and suddenly you notice the hateful “orange peel.” Good news: cellulite is not a defect at all. 90% of women have it, but it’s almost unnoticeable in some of them due to the specificities of body structure. More news: you cannot completely get rid of cellulite, but it’s possible to make it almost invisible. So how can we make our skin smooth and fit?

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7. Healthy eating

7 Women’s Secrets for Beautiful and Smooth Skin

A common myth: if you lose weight, cellulite will disappear. This is not true. The fight against cellulite begins with proper nutrition. Things your diet should include:

  • protein (meat, legumes, nuts);
  • lecithin (eggs, tomatoes, spinach, soybeans);
  • fatty acids (fish, olives, avocados, nuts);
  • fat-burning fruits and vegetables (grapefruit).


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