Apply Vaseline and See the Magic (You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner)

Many of us would like to own an inexpensive and effective item that can be used for self-care. OMGNEXT invites you to learn some useful properties of petroleum jelly and its uses apart from cosmetic purposes. Read and make a note for yourself.

👱‍ So We Collected This 21 Unexpected Uses Of Vaseline The Last One Will Surprise You 😍

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21. Bronzer. Before applying bronzing cream, lubricate dry areas of skin (elbows, knees) with petroleum jelly. The cream will cover your skin evenly, and you’ll get a beautiful tan.

20. Soft scrub. Mix petroleum jelly with natural abrasive particles (sea salt, coffee, cane sugar), and use the resulting mixture as a body scrub.

19. Persistent scent. Before spraying perfume on the wrist and neck, apply some petroleum jelly to your skin. It absorbs and preserves the smell better.

18. Baby skin care. Use petroleum jelly to reduce diaper rash. Before applying it, wash the skin thoroughly and pat dry with a towel. Petroleum jelly forms a barrier that will help to protect the skin from permanent exposure to moisture.


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