[LOOK] Essential Dressing Rules That Everyone Should Know Once and for All

2.Panties rules

16 Modern Rules of Underwear Etiquette Only Real Ladies Know About

It may seem that your panties play no role in your image. But we have to remember about one tiny detail that’s able to ruin your incredible look: panty lines that are extremely visible.

  • The size and shape of your panties mostly depend on the shape of your buttocks.
  • The texture of your underwear and clothes should match. For example, if you wear an item made from light fabric, you should wear panties made from a similar material.
  • To get rid of that problem with the elastic that literally “cuts” your body, you have to follow 2 rules: 1) choose high-waisted panties and 2) choose seamless shorts instead of thongs and bikini panties.



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