First-Time Cat Mom Protective Looks After Her Curious Kittens | Too Cute!

Protective First-Time Mom Looks After Her Curious Siamese Kittens
First-time mom Sandra is very protective over her 3 new kittens. They are all boys, Finn, Chai and the smallest boy is Rudy. She is especially protective over Rudy because his front paw is bent at an odd angle, but that isn’t going to stop him from being the most adventurous brother though!

😍 The End Was Heartwarming 😍

In a bright happy home lives a bright happy cat a three year old Siamese named Sandra Sandra may not live in a Thai palace but she’s quite at home on her own throne and for that matter her housemates throne Frank a bearded dragon who by now has gotten used to having a feline visitor Sandra often invites herself over for some warm Sun and she’s always a courteous houseguest but lately he’s had less frequent visits Sandra’s been rather tied up since she gave birth to triplets the litter is all boys Finn chai and her littlest kitten.


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