First-Time Cat Mom Protective Looks After Her Curious Kittens | Too Cute!

the cast has aligned his tendon and Rudy’s paw is as good as new and now the brave little kitten can resume his adventures without anything in his way back at the Siamese house eight-week-old Rudy has been unstoppable since he came home from the vet without his caste and alongside his brothers Finn and chai Rudy soars through the house

with Grace and ease mom Sandra is thrilled but old habits die hard and she’s still watching him of course keeping track of Rudy now has gotten harder but this determined kitten is always looking for his next big challenge today he’s set on taking his relationship with Frank the bearded dragon a step further his brothers are amazed by this stunt but no one is more in or than mom who decides this is a perfect time to pay a long overdue visit to her old pal Frank you

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