How a Man That Looks 20 at 50 Lives and How He Did it

Chuando Tan is a photographer from Singapore who attracted the attention of the whole world to himself by not only taking photos of other people but his own photos too. Why is this so interesting, you ask? Chuando was born in 1967, which means he is 51 years old now but he looks as if he is 20. So what’s the secret?

How did it all start?

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It’s known that this Singaporean man used to work as a model in the 1980s; he even managed to become a pop singer in the ’90s. But his career in singing didn’t last long and that’s why Tan chose another activity — photography. Once, instead of posting another work of his, he posted a photo of himself and that’s when it all started.

The users instantly noticed that Tan doesn’t change and doesn’t look as if he was 51 years old. Some people think it’s all about genetics, others that the secret is in the place he lives because Singapore has clean air, good medicine, and products of high quality. But to be sure in those guesses, let’s see how the photographer spends his day.

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