How a Man That Looks 20 at 50 Lives and How He Did it

He doesn’t take a bath late.

In fact, he tries not to go to bed after 11 PM and wakes up early every day. Tan is sure that working at night and watching movies after midnight don’t improve the health. In order to get good sleep, he stops eating 5-6 hours before going to sleep.

Chuando says, “Trust me, going bed early is worth it. Having had enough sleep, you’ll be able to do more things during the day rather than if you work at night.”

So what’s the secret?

As it often happens — everything is very simple: work that you love, a healthy diet, full-time sleep, and exercise. Jared Leto, Chris Evans, Margot Robbie, and many other celebrities stick to the similar lifestyle. Do you agree that all of them look younger than their real age? Moreover, they claim that they haven’t had any plastic surgery.

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