Reasons Why Selena Gomez Had A Panic Attack Before AMAs Performance

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Selena Gomez made an epic comeback at the 2017 American Music Awards on Nov. 19 with her performance of “Wolves.” It was her first live performance in over a year, so there were bound to be a few nerves. But, unfortunately, there’ve been rumors floating around that the 25-year-old suffered from more than just a few pre-show jitters — a few fans are saying she had a full-fledged panic attack beforehand. But it seems that Selena’s anxiety attack wasn’t as severe as people have made it out to be (although that doesn’t invalidate any emotions she was dealing with, of course).

“Selena didn’t have a full blown anxiety attack, but she did feel sick with nerves, and she was noticeably anxious before going on stage,” a source close to the singer told EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena always puts herself under so much pressure to give the best performance possible, and after all the incredible challenges of the past year, she just felt overwhelmed. But, Selena is such a professional, and she never wants to let her fans down, so she went out on stage and gave it her all.” It’s no secret that Sel has always had her fans’ best interests at heart, and it’s admirable how much she genuinely puts herself through just to please the people who look up to her.

Sel’s performance did receive criticism online, but haters would probably benefit from considering how much the star has to deal with in order to just get up on a stage and perform. “Anyone criticizing her performance needs to check themselves, unless you’re in Selena’s shoes it’s impossible to understand how stressful it can be to perform, especially after a whole year off,” the source continued. “Selena’s amazing, so strong and awesome—she deserves everyone’s support and love, not snarky comments and criticism.” Amen to that!

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