Scientist Reveal What the Shape of Your Lips Says About You

Scientists and physiognomists consider the lips to be one of the most important features to pay attention to when trying to determine a person’s character. We express our thoughts verbally and in so doing reveal something of our character and psychological peculiarities natural makeup look.


We at OMGNEXT have decided to take a closer look at the shape of people’s lips to check just how accurately they reflect an individual’s personality traits.


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Large puffy lips

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People possessing lips shaped like this were simply made to look after someone. If your lips are like this, then you may have spent a lot of time when you were a child feeding stray kittens or helping at animal shelters and wanting to bring every animal home. You have an innate and strong maternal instinct and a desire to safeguard and protect others. In any stressful situation, you think first of all about other people and only then about yourself. People like this generally make the best parents.


Find The Shape Of Lips You Have And What It Can Say About You!!!
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