The Most Expensive Dogs in the World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

#8 Czechoslovakian Vlcak


This dog is also known as Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. It is a relatively new dog breed from 1955, from Czechoslovakia. It was created by mixing Carpathian wolves with purebred German Shepherds. For first look it is just like a grey wolf. The wolfdog is very lively, courageous, and it has an active personality. They are very social, and they love to live in packs either in human families or with animal companions. It has a hunting instinct, but early socialization can solve the problem. The Czechoslovakian wolfdog can be a great partner of human. They are also experts of body language, and they rarely bark. A normal male wolfdog’s weight is around 26 kg, and its height is around 65 cm. Their price is from 6.000 to 10.000 dollars.

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