The Most Expensive Dogs in the World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

#16 Lowchen


The other name of Lowchen is Little Lion Dog. It is a small dog, people also talk about them as toy dogs, but one thing is sure. They are very cute. In 1973 the Lowchen was the rarest dog in the world. There were only 65 examples of the breed. So they were very exclusive. Nowadays, there are more of them, but they are still rare. Their coat is long, and flowing. They can come in various colors. They doesn’t shed, and they have very low allergic effects. They are also considered as a hypoallergenic dog. Their head is very small, and they have lively round eyes. Their eyes can also come in various colors. A male Lowchen’s height is around 30-35 cm, and its weight is around 6 kg. The starting price of a Little Lion Dog is around 3.000 dollars.


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