The Most Expensive Dogs in the World You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

# 14Peruvian Inca Orchid


This dog’s other name is Peruvian Hairless Dog. Its origins in Peruvian pre-inca cultures. It is one of the several breeds of hairless dogs. They are great choices for families, because they’re affectionate with their owners, but wary with strangers. Usually they are lively and friendly with other dogs, and they love to play. They are agile, and they learn fast. The Peruvian doesn’t recommended for beginners. They need an owner, who understands “dog language”.  The Peruvian dog has various size. The largest one is around 50-60 cm, and its weight is 12-25 kg. The lack of hair means that, they are quite clean. It’s easy to wash them. You only need a simple sponge and a dog shampoo of course. The dog is safe from fleas. The starting price of a Peruvian Hairless Dog is around 3.500 dollars.

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